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Healing Hereafter

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I found this to be a surprisingly enjoyable and engaging read. The author methodically tackles a whole host of difficult questions about "the hereafter" from a rooted Christian biblical worldview, managing to be both assertive and humble about his explanations. A couple of things I particularly appreciated about his approach: 1. He is clear about his audience and manages to strike a balance in writing for believers and non-believers alike, by addressing questions from both perspectives and by consistently steering clear of Christian jargon. 2. He plays fair by acknowledging and addressing alternate opinions, objections, and difficult questions, whereas many authors try to build a clean case simply by glossing over such difficulties. 3. He has lots of interesting illustrations and writes with a sense of humor. 4. He very clearly wants the best for his readers, and is writing purely for their benefit. He presents rational arguments, but does so with a good doctor's genuine concern and care for the "healing" of his readers.

I don't agree with every little piece of what Dykstra has to say, but I do think it is a unique and very helpful resource for anyone wanting to dig into the deeper questions presented by a Biblical belief in an afterlife. Highly recommended.
Date Added: 09/03/2013 by Ross Acheson